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  Do you struggle with your family budget? 

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I am here to help you get your finances back in order.


Together, we will balance our checkbook, pay off debt,

and really start to enjoy our hard earned money. 

About Budget and Bliss

In early 2018 I decided I wanted to share our story with others. I want to help inspire other women to live a happy healthy life on a budget. I am here to show you how we live in a way that allows us little luxuries in life without breaking the bank.


Money is where you will find everything related to getting out of debt, living on a budget, investing for retirement and much more. This is the hub of Budget & Bliss and the core of what we know and love.


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Life is the essence of who we are. You will find everything from gift guides to holidays as well as travel and productivity. Life is where money meets every day.


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Our Founder

In 2015, my husband and I found ourselves drowning in debt and a huge decrease in income in our near future. We knew we needed to make drastic changes in our life and turned to budgeting as our guiding force.


We have since decreased our income by about 20% annually but live a much better lifestyle now than we ever did before.


We can finally afford to take vacations, eat at restaurants, and enjoy a bit of our money while still meeting our financial goals. 


I am excited to share our journey with you and teach you how to live life well on a budget. You can find balance between meeting your financial goals and enjoying life!  


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