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About Budget and Bliss

In early 2018 I decided I wanted to share our story with others. I want to help inspire other women to live a happy healthy life on a budget. I am here to show you how we live in a way that allows us little luxuries in life without breaking the bank.


Money is where you will find everything related to getting out of debt, living on a budget, investing for retirement and much more. This is the hub of Budget & Bliss and the core of what we know and love.


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Life is the essence of who we are. You will find everything from gift guides to holidays as well as travel and productivity. Life is where money meets every day.


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Blogging is where you’ll find my journey in this world of blogging. Building a profitable blog is definitely doable and what I am currently working toward. However, there are many lessons to be learned and experiences to share. 


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Our Founder

In 2015, my husband and I found ourselves in over $83,000 in consumer debt!

Today, we have paid off over $50,000 in consumer debt.

I am excited to share our journey with you and teach you how to live life well on a budget. You can find balance between paying off debt and enjoying life!

Sara Mitchell

Content Creator 

Our Debt Freedom Journey

 In the early years of my marriage, I had no clue how to budget and create a plan for my family. It took my husband and me six years of spending more than we made and racking up more than $84,000 in consumer debt to finally get a handle on our money. Now, we create a monthly plan, track our spending, and live a life we enjoy.


I remember finding the book The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey about a year into our marriage. I came to my husband with this grand plan to get out of debt (we had about $10,000 at this point) and pay off our house within 7 years. He thought I was crazy. Maybe I was a little crazy at that point. We had never lived on a budget before and we were barely making ends meet. There always seemed to be too much month left at the end of our money. Unfortunately, we lived this way for six long years.


We used debt as a tool to feel less restricted. We could spend a few hundred dollars and only need to pay back $25 or $50 monthly. However, the debt grew because we weren’t paying down the balances. In July 2015 when we started taking our budget seriously and actually began the Total Money Makeover we had a mortgage, truck loan, a travel trailer, student loans, fourteen credit cards, a line of credit, and a timeshare. We spent money, a lot of it, and none of it was actually money we had in the bank. Our finances were spread so far thin that it was hard to breathe.


We are now more than halfway through paying off our consumer debts and while we are still living on a budget we have let the reigns loose a bit. You can only go so long with a super tight budget and live on beans and rice. This is where the YNAB (You Need A Budget) principles come into play. Now, we budget and plan accordingly each month but we also plan to live life a little bit. There is a small budget for eating out (honestly we all need a break from the kitchen every once in a while) and we have a personal allowance (it’s not much but it gives us a bit of freedom to spend on something we each want).  


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